Manager   •   over 4 years ago

3D model viewer to accompany 2D drawings

Tools such as Revit allow us to build sophisticated 3D models, which are primariliy used to print 2D sections and plans thereof, as a deliverable. For those of us that don't 'enjoy' reading 2D drawings as much as looking at comprehensive 3D sections, I would like to propose to develop a method by which one can print a QR code onto the Revit produced drawing, which, when scanned with a mobile QR reader app, will bring the user to a 3D model that represents the information shown in the drawing.

I would propose using the open source Spectacles viewer for this, since functionality to export Revit models already exists from our last hackathon:
As for the Revit, it would be great to generate an opensource QR code generator, that takes care of creating the URL to link to in order to view the model.
Since drawings and models contain sensitive project information, I propose to develop a secure back-end application using node or rails in order to store the 3D models and their respective views.

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